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Piano Evaluation

A piano evaluation is a condition report which includes a detailed inspection of the piano.  An evaluation is useful in determining whether or not the piano you are about to purchase is a good used piano - much like having your mechanic inspect a used car before purchasing.  Evaluations for new pianos can be beneficial to assure that you are getting the right piano for you or your family and the best value for your money.  A piano evaluation is also useful in determining if your piano might be worth the cost of restoration.


A careful evaluation will consist of a detailed checklist which covers every technical aspect of the piano.  A piano evaluation can only be done on-site by a qualified piano technician with the proper tools and experience.

Piano Appraisal

A piano appraisal is a valuation report.  Unlike used cars, used pianos are not neatly categorized and valuated according to specific year, make, model and features.  There is no reliable piano Blue Book.


An accurate piano appraisal is a carefully researched fair market value of a piano in its present condition which can help prevent you from selling your piano for too little, paying too much, estate planning, or for tax or insurance purposes.


There are online services that can provide you with a quick and inexpensive estimate of a piano's value.  A reputable piano dealer with knowledge of the piano sales market might also be able to provide an estimate of the value of your piano.  However, if you require a legal document or a certified, IRS qualified appraisal of your piano please contact an American Society of Appraisers (ASA) accredited appraiser who specializes in appraising pianos and musical instruments.


Serving North San Diego County – Since 1990


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