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Registered Piano Technician


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Piesik Piano Tuning

Camp Pendleton, CA

John Piesik, RPT

Registered Piano Technician, Reg. #11400

Member of the Piano Technicians Guild



•  Registered Piano Technician (RPT)

•  Credentialed Member of the Piano

    Technicians Guild (PTG)

•  Member of the Master Piano

    Technicians of America (MPT)

•  Bachelor of Science in Electrical

    Engineering (BSEE)


•  Certified Installer – Humidity

    Control Systems

•  Warranty Service Provider

•  Annual Training (Kawai, Steinway,

    Yamaha, etc.)

•  Accredited Member of the BBB

•  Fully Insured


Professional Piano Tuner – Fully Insured

Humidity Control Systems – Certified Installer


Providing Camp Pendleton with a professional, reliable,

and high quality piano service for over 20 years.

Expect the utmost in honesty and integrity.


"A complete piano service –

More than just a tuning"


My holistic approach to piano service includes a beautiful, stable tuning and attending to your piano’s other needs as well.  Additional time is allowed for a minor repair, a careful inspection, pedal adjustment, bench tightening, a sticking key repair, a squeaky pedal, touch–up voicing or spot regulation.  At least an hour and a half is planned for a basic piano tuning service.




 I love what you did with our grand.  It’s not only in tune but sounds richer with improved tone.  My mom loves it too, so thank you for your work!  Also, thank you so much for listing me on your website!  I teach mostly in San Diego, but do teach in San Marcos on Fridays.  Thank you again, John!

– Corby S. (piano teacher),

   San Marcos, CA


 John takes his time to tune and maintain the whole instrument.  His knowledge and experience is impressive, and he is patient and enjoys conversation about his craft.  John is also an accomplished pianist and musician.  I have spent some time developing tuning devices and their application to various instruments.  Tuning a piano is NOT like tuning your saxophone or guitar.  A tuning meter just gets you started.  The rest is done by ear, feel, and artistry...if you are curious read about "stretching the octaves".

– T. E., Oceanside, CA



Serving Camp Pendleton, CA – Since 1990


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